BitDice, get your lost money back


When you wager at casino chances are that you lose, the casino makes money when you lose. What if I say you that you can get your lost money back? Yes! Now you can get a part of your lost money back at BitDice. Isn’t it a great. Let’s know a bit more about this revolutionary casino in bitcoin industry.


Based on the WebSocket technology, the website extremely fast and DDoS protected. Signup takes a username, password, email and a minute. If you want to remain anonymous then you can decide not to give the email but it’s highly recommended.

Deposits and withdrawals are instant and provided in 4 different cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

The website features chat in 6 different languages and many different types of games.


Some of the famous games that are found on BitDice are

  • Dice, a classic game with hotkeys support
  • BlackJack
  • Slots, which consist of many types of slots like Satoshi’s secret, FreshFruits, 4 of a King, Football and much more. All of them are unique and fun to play.

All games have auto betting with many customizable options and hotkeys support. They planning to include Roulette soon.

Bonuses and Cashback


It is a bonus system that gives the player back a percent of the amount they have lost. The percent increases with the level and is credited in the form of BitDice tokens which can be exchanged for bitcoins. You can get up to 9% of your lost money.


In this system in which you are credited with a percent of the amount that you bet. It also depends on your level and goes up to 5%.

Daily Chest

It is a loyalty reward that you can claim once in a day. The reward is an unknown amount of BitDice tokens that depend on your level. So level up to get more rewards.


BitDice have a progressive Jackpot system in which 1% of the house edge is added after every bet. To claim the jackpot you need to roll 77,777. To prevent abuse, any roll less than 0.0001 BTC will get only a part of the jackpot.

Level System

BitDice provides 15 levels out of which five are explained.

  • Leech, BetBack and LossBack are 1%
  • Justa Bit with 2% betback and lossback
  • Lucky 7 with 5% loss back and 3%  betback
  • Whale, 4% betback and 7% lossback
  • Degen king, 5% betback and 9% lossback

The more you wager the higher level and benefits you get.


If you hate gambling or lose too much you can invest in BitDice and earn when other lose.  It is the first casino to implement Kelly Investment system to protect the safety of the investors. You can read more about investing from their website.


The website has the highest level of security among other casinos. You have to authorize every new device you log in via email. 2-factor authentication and IP Whitelisting adds another extra layer of security after email authorization. The withdrawals are IP locked, means money can be withdrawn from your computer only. The Funds are stored offline in Trezor wallets. To sum up this the best security system I have ever seen in a bitcoin casino.


I will give BItDice 4.8 out of 5. They have an excellent support system but needs to add some more unique games.