Difference between online & physical slots

Some countries allow slot machines as legal gambling services.If you are lucky, your country will allow it, you can play slots and can earn a lot of easy money. Since the explosion of online slots they are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. For traditional players, it takes time to adapt to them but they are more entertaining and provide wide variety. Let’s analyse if physical slots are better than online ones.

●     Escape from interruption and disturbance:

You are playing your favourite slot and some people are lurking around when you will get up so they can occupy your slot. They will create interruption by asking when you will leave the machine. But in online slots you don’t have to worry about lurkers and you can play peacefully without any disturbance.

●     Safe and secure payout:

Outside casinos for slot machine stores some bulgar are seen lurking around. If they find you winning big money they start following you and sometimes rob you. With an online slot you can have a secure payment in your bank account instantly.

●     Bonouses

If you are playing slots you would expect to earn a lot of money. Online slots provide a lot of bonuses and promotions that attract customers to play online. Physical slots do not provide much or any bonus.

●     Convenience and accessibility:

It’s midnight and you want to play your favourite slot game. But the slot machine is far away and you don’t feel like changing your pyjamas. With online slots you have accessibility to play according to your convenience.

●     Selection of games:

Games and game level in physical slots are limited and they do not upgrade much frequently. Online slot awaaz variety of games and levels are updated on a regular basis. This way you have a new game and level before you get bored.

●     Accountability and responsible gaming:

Whether it’s a physical slot or an online slot it’s important to play responsibly. You can spend hours in your mobile device because it’s easy to open whereas in a physical slot you have to hop in your car to play games and go to play. Even if the casino is 5 minute away you still have to get ready and go there.

●     Feeling the slot machine:

When you play in a slot machine you put coins in it and polar or lay the game with its button it creates a sense of satisfaction when the ball strikes the bottom. You can touch the slot machine; this is not possible online. The satisfactory sound and touch make you feel good.


Slot players feel happy when they play slots. Sometimes they can walk to the casino and play their favourite slot. But when they are away for a business trip or vacation where they can’t find a slot they can play online slots. They can choose both. They can play online at 3 pm eating their midnight snacks.

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