How Do Megaways Mobile Slots Work?

Every online casino player has their own favourite slot machine which can easily keep them occupied for hours at a time, but there’s something new being introduced on to the scene.

Completely reshaping the method of what is now known as traditional slot machine gameplay, slotxo44 say that Megaways is a new element which looks to give players an all new experience for ultimate gaming.

What are Megaways slots?

Unlike other standard slot machines which have set amounts of symbols on each spinner, Megaways slots alter the element of play by changing the number of symbols on each reel.

Changing every time the player spins, the number of symbols on each reel can vary between two to seven, meaning there is a different set of reels to spin every time.

When spinning, the number of symbols on each reel can usually be viewed directly above the slots, so a set of five reels could be 3, 8, 8, 5, 2.

How to win on a Megaways slot machine

At first the new game of Megaways slots can be very daunting and somewhat confusing. However, winning on one of these new games is not unheard of and there are ways of getting some big wins.

As we now know, the number of symbols changes on each spin and this can reflect the amount of winnings up for grabs each time.

In order to make a win, there usually needs to be a match up of at least three of the same symbol reading from left to right across the board. The first symbol being in the first reel on the left.

The size of the symbols can bear some significance in the amount of wins, but it’s the number of symbols on the reels which can make the bigger difference.

Megaways features

There are already a great number of Megaways slot machines making their way on to online casinos and certainly more on the way.

Many developers of these new games will of course want to put their own stamp on to the game but there are already some features cropping up which may come up in future gameplay.

Cascading reels

Explosive gameplay is the peak of excitement with cascading reels and players can be left on the edge of their seats.

Watching potentially winning line exploding before the eyes can be tense and frustrating but other symbols appear above the explosions meaning other chances to win keep appearing until there is no more winning combinations.

Some players keep going with their online sessions just to see another cascading reel.

An extra bonus of cascading reels is that there are often unlimited multipliers built in to the framework. As cascading reels work their magic, multipliers can easily keep building up and up, making potential winnings worth the agonising wait for reels to stop exploding.

Mystery symbols

Now becoming more of a common feature, mystery symbols can give players extra winnings on even the basic levels of gameplay.

The joy of mystery symbols is of course the anticipation of whether a big win is just moments away. At the moment they are most common in Blueprint Slots but the idea is catching on fast and players can perhaps find themselves getting higher bonuses and multipliers on the high rolling levels.

Bonus Buy

A dubious feature which needs a mention. The bonus buy feature can be seen on multiple games but it has faced scrutiny from gambling commissions. Giving players chances to buy in bonus rounds, this feature cost about 100x bet but should be used cautiously.

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