Madhur Day Online Money-Making Game

As you must be aware, sports betting is the activity of putting your money on a stake or, and in simpler words, just making a bet while trying to get the right predictions of the outcomes of a sports event. Online sports betting is no different than traditional sports betting except for the fact that it is done on the internet and has a much higher scope of winning and at the same time provides enhanced levels of excitement and thrill while playing.

Online sports betting in India

India has had a very long history of gambling and betting right from the medieval era. With the holy manuscripts like Mahabharat mentioning the game of Chaupar, there is no doubt that Indians have always liked to do betting in some form or other. Coming back to online sports betting, with the incorporation of technology and entertainment, today, an estimated amount of about 5 million people are connected with each other just by the medium of the internet.

Moreover, according to reports, out of all the Gamblers and sports bettors, almost 40% of the Indian population is indulged in online sports betting, gaming, online casinos, slot games, etc. In fact, there are chances that in the coming decade, India may even overtake the United Kingdom in terms of gambling players per capita. Currently, almost 80% of Indians gamble at least once a year.

Local online betting games in India

Online lotteries are the most loved online betting game by the Indians. This is because lotteries have been a part of the Indian culture for a long time. However, questions about whether lottery both in online and offline form is given legal in India or not remain partially unanswered. But according to our research, almost 13 states in India have completely legalized lotteries in all forms. This is because they are not only a great form of entertainment for the public, but they help in creating a generous amount of revenue for the state government. That is why legal lotteries are operated by them.

The Madhur Day is one such Online Lottery game in India that can be found on the website of For this, visit the website and click on the Madhur Day Chart option to know how it works.

Why is the Madhur day lottery getting huge popularity in India?

As already mentioned earlier, the Madhur Day Chart helps in playing the Madhur Day very easily and can make you when a good amount of money in a short span of time. Apart from this, there are many more reasons for the popularity of lotteries in Indian society. But the most important one is the large amount of money that can be won through it. This is because the state-Run lotteries do not guarantee as many profits as online lotteries and other online money-making games. That is why people prefer online Matka sites that help them to gamble with the surety of getting the right results.

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