new! Online slots games from leading developers like PG SLOT have launched a new game a new slot game, January 2022, with the game “Oriental Prosperity” in the Thai name. “Oriental prosperity” which is a slot game with The graphics are slightly different from the original. The game has a selection of Chinese painting lines, a new slot game, a new pg game that has just been officially launched on the pgsoft website recently. And can play in the megagame system today. How will the game be worth playing?

PG SLOT new game January 2022

It is well known that the developer of popular online slots games like PG SLOT will release new slot games. come out on a monthly basis For the month of January 2022, to welcome this new year PGSOFT has released a demo. Oriental Prosperity is megagame available to play on the official website, which can be accessed directly at We have updated the new game new pg slot game 2022. The game will feature the story of the love of 2 young Chinese people. The graphics inside the game will go out of Eastern spiritualism from China. Which is considered very new for making slot game graphics. Let’s go in this direction and the RTP is still up to 96.75% ! Win up to x100,000 times. It can be said that it’s a game to welcome the new year that is very interesting to try. With high RTP value and the maximum winning prize is this big, you can try pg slots today. through the main website of

About the new PG SLOT slot game January 2022

“Once upon a time There is a boss who likes to draw. He’s really good at using a brush. So many people admire his paintings. This lord was served by a beautiful maid who was always by his side. megagame over time They fell deeply in love with each other. And the Lord decided to marry the maid. before the marriage takes place The emperor passed a marriage decree between the lord and the general’s daughter. upon hearing this news The maids sorrow and cry every day in despair. Eventually succumbed to illness and died of a broken heart. after her death The Lord withdrew and turned to painting and drinking to console himself. He painted portraits of thousands of maids. But there was only one masterpiece hidden in the lord’s basement. The painting depicts a beautiful maid holding a fan. surrounded by breathtaking views Staring at the winding valley far away It is said that this painting contains the secret location of a precious jewel box that the master once gave to his beloved maid.”

The Oriental Prosperity slot megagame is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot (with an additional reel on top of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5) containing symbols. Wilds-on-the-Way and Scatter with Multiplier Collecting 4 scatter symbols will result in 8 free spins! During free spins, each Scatter symbol that appears on the reels will not only increase your win multiplier by 2 but also award 1 extra free spin! Do you want to own a jewelry box and become wealthy? Play Chinese Painting Slot Game now to find hidden clues in the paintings!

Highlights of the new game from PG SLOT camp

– It is a slot game that uses graphics like Chinese painting as a drawing line. which looks strange

– It has an RTP of 96.75%.

– Prize winning prize up to x100,000 times, which is considered a lot. from the normal average is x50,000 times

– The game grid size is 6 reels, 5 rows, with an extended line at the top of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 giving your chances of winning. Easier to win games

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