Where to Next After the World Cup 2022?

The World Cup is considered as the most well-known sporting event in the world. The current edition of this event will take place in Qatar on November 21 to December 18. 

The final tournament will be the battleground of 32 teams from football confederations around the globe. The qualifying round is still ongoing but by summer, the list of qualified teams will be completed.

When and where is the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar and the event will take place in winter months rather than the typical summer months because of the searing summer heat in the Middle East. 

The opening ceremonies of the competition will start on November 21 at the Al Bayt stadium based in Al Khor and the first match will be held there along with a game that features the host nation.

The final matches and the closing ceremonies will be held at the Lusail Stadium based in Doha on December 18 in the week right before the Christmas celebrations.

Who has qualified so far?

The host country Qatar is given an automatic qualification to this year’s edition of the World Cup. However, they have to go through the qualification games like the rest of the national teams.

The first team that qualified in the European confederation is the four-time World Cup champions Germany. They have ensured their spot in the final tournament after they stopped their qualifying group.

Brazil, the national team which won the most in World Cup history with their five trophies, have guaranteed a place in the qualified teams in South America along with three other teams from the region.

In November, England qualified to compete for the final rounds by defeating the other teams in their qualifying group and made the top spot.  

Each confederation has its own schedule of qualifications that must be completed before the official schedule of the final tournaments of the World Cup starts.

In the case of AFC, the schedules for the World Cup qualification were postponed due to the effects of the pandemic. 

What is the World Cup format and schedule?

The ฟุตบอลโลก 2022 will include 32 teams from all over the world who have completed the qualification process and they will be divided into eight groups consisting of four teams.

During the group phase, four matches will be held each day which will operate in a 12-day duration and the runners-up and the winners will go to the round of 16.

After the draw for the finals, the games will be assigned a respective venue. After this, the organizers can list down the schedule that will suit the airing dates on different nations and for the Qatar spectators.

As for the finals draw, the schedule will begin in April 2022, this will come after the March timeline for the international tournaments ends.

Contrary to the Euro 2020, a third-place play-off match will be played on December 17.

What are the venues?

Most of the matches will be held in stadiums in the new city built by the Qatari government specifically built for the 2022 World Cup called Lusail City. 

The complete list of the stadiums that will be used in the World Cup includes the following: Al Bayt Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Education City Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, and Al Janoub Stadium.


The 2022 World Cup is a highly anticipated event because of the massiveness of its scope. Many people considered that the 2022 edition will be the most prestigious World Cup yet due to the huge budget for it.

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