Why Gamstop Is A Necessary Step In Curbing Playsbo Addiction

Gambling is a game of fun, but for some, it becomes a game of addiction. When a gambler starts spending a lot of time and money in gambling without paying attention to his family or his responsibilities it is time to sign in to Gamstop. It is a voluntary action where the gambler signs in to exclude himself from all gambling activities for 6 months, one year 5 years, etc. once you sign in there you cannot play in any casino site until the self-exclusion period is over. But when you feel that you need to play again you need to look for Non-GamStop Casinos that will let you play again.

About Non-GamStop casinos

Getting addicted to gambling is not new and the UK government is doing all it can to curb gambling addiction by introducing GamStop UK. But sometimes after registering people want to gamble again and they look for sites that do not have GamStop. But finding one in the UK is very difficult most of the players look for sites that are registered outside the UK or the websites that do not follow GamStop regulations.

The money being used as betting on online casinos is a staggering amount and the online casinos are thriving on it. If you are choosing a casino without GamStop then you must be a responsible gambler who knows to set the limits on his gambling. Many online casinos provide their service but are not registered under UKGC. These websites have their headquarters in foreign countries outside the UK. So they cannot advertise their business in the UK but playing in them is completely legal.

Is it legal to play in non GamStop Casinos? 

People looking for casinos that are not registered in GamStop are always worried if it is legal to play on the particular site. There is nothing illegal in playing on these websites. The only thing is that the particular site will not be registered under the UKGC or the United Kingdom gambling commission. When a player registers himself in GamStop for self-exclusion the entire online casinos under the UKGC ban him for the period of exclusion and no matter what you cannot go past this ban.

So looking for www is the only remaining option. Here you can play as you wish. But should you opt for it remains your decision?

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